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Papenfuse announces City Hall beautification fund

Newly elected Harrisburg Mayor, Eric Papenfuse supported the Martin Luther King Junior day of service by joining volunteers in the clean up effort at Harrisburg City Hall.  U.S. Representative Scott Perry, State Representative Patty Kim and City Council members also joined in the clean up efforts.  During the clean up, Papenfuse announced his new City Hall beautification fund.  The fund will help finance badly needed repairs for the public safety building and City Hall.  The Foundation for Enhancing Communities has agreed to manage the fund, which will accept donations from anyone who wants to help renovate and maintain the city government center.

Mayor Papenfuse says, “One floor at a time, one piece of carpeting at a time.  We can transform this whole building into a place where people are proud to come to work.”

Donations should be sent in the name of the fund to:  The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, 200 North Third Street, P.O Box 678, Harrisburg PA 17108-0678

All donations are fully tax deductible.


1 Comment to “Papenfuse announces City Hall beautification fund”

    Joe said:
    January 20, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    Excellent! East of the State Street Bridge is a cesspool, and you can get shot there on a good day but, by golly, his offices will be real purty. Time to meander through the self-help books in your store, Mr. Mayor.

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