TOPIC OF THE DAY: Driverless cars gaining momentum in several states

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Driverless cars may be coming to a roadway near you.

The state of California is taking steps to get driverless cars on the streets for testing, as early as this spring.

Google has already developed a well-known autonomous car that the company said could someday help the blind.

At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas last week, Audi showed off a prototype where it’s possible to nap behind the wheel.

“We call this piloted driving and that means there is a driver, but he can concentrate on something else if he doesn’t want to actively drive,” said Bjorn Giesler of Audi.

In addition to California, Michigan, Florida, Nevada and Washington, D.C. are also working on regulations after passing laws allowing for driverless cars.

One big issue that’s part of the discussion, who’s responsible if the car crashes? The car maker or the driver?

This is our topic of the day, would you feel comfortable driving alongside driverless cars? Would you feel safe trying it out yourself?

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  • Denial Thomas

    Yes the most important question is that will this change help in bringing the desired result of no accidents. And if not then who will be held responsible for the loss and accident.

  • Sue West

    Our son is very intelligent, graduating from college, and starting graduate school. He has a disability that makes driving difficult even though he does have his license. This would give him a much greater level of independence.

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