Local News

York Habitat for Humanity day of service

Volunteers with York Habitat for Humanity honored Martin Luther King Jr. Monday by giving back to the community.  Members of the non-profit organization began rehabilitation at a home on the 700 block of Cleveland Avenue in York as part of the MLK day of service.  The MLK day of service is part of United We Serve, President Obama’s national call to service initiative.  It calls for all Americans to work together to provide solutions to national problems.

Miles Fishel, Associate Director York Habitat for Humanity says, “It’s important to honor Martin Luther King and all of his accomplishments and all the things he’s done.  He’s tied very closely to habitat.  Millard Fuller believed that people should live equally and peacefully and that is something that we have carried on since then as an organization.”

In addition to the home on Cleveland Avenue, York Habitat is currently working on finishing another rehabilitation project in the city and building a new home in Jacobus.

Volunteers will also kick off builds in Hanover and Red Lion this Spring and will break ground for Johnson Controls Inc. along Princess Street this Fall.


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