Local News

Borough’s open “Warming Centers”

In anticipation of extremely cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow, officials in several boroughs announce the openings of “Warming Centers” for at risk residents.

*Chambersburg Borough: A warming center opened at 5 pm this evening and it will remain open through 11 am Thursday at the Eugene C. Clarke Jr. Community Center 235 South 3rd Street.  The center is heated. Coffee or hot chocolate will be available.

The center is open to senior citizens and others at risk for cold related illnesses; or the lost or wandering intestate traveler. During the overnight, based on need, shelter users may be directed to the other shelters in the region.

If a citizen needs the Warming Center they should immediately call the Chambersburg Customer Service Center at 263-4111 or let a police officer or firefighter know of their situation; whether open or closed, staff will get the facility open.

In addition, the center may remain open longer if there is sufficient interest, according to Assistant Borough Manger David Finch.

* Middletown:  Residents can seek shelter at at the Middletown Volunteer Fire Department, located at the corner of Adelia and East Emaus streets in the Borough.

Mayor James H. Curry III says the shelter is available to Borough residents should they need emergency shelter due to a loss of heat, broken pipes, or other weather related problems.

Residents needing shelter are asked to contact Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Foreman at 717-810-7569 to make arrangements.


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