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Lucrative yet costly snow season for plow companies

For plow companies, snow is their moneymaker. This season has been especially lucrative for plow companies, but costly at the same time.

“It has been a very good year,” said Tobias Floyd, owner of Floyd’s Lawn Care and Landscaping. During the winter months he has a team that plows and salts. “We take care of 28 lots from West York to Lancaster County,” said Floyd.

The amount of snow storms that have hammered Central Pennsylvania have been hard on the equipment needed to clean it up.

“We did have a few breakdowns that set us back. Our skid loader broke down on us the last bigger storm we had,” said Floyd. “If you have to use something all of the time it eventually does give up. We try to do maintenance in between each storm. If we see a crack, or if we see a problem, we try to fix it before but it doesn’t always go over that way. It gets expensive,” said Floyd.

Other plow companies have echoed the same sentiment.

Nonetheless Floyd says it has been a good season so far, “When we had the double blizzard in 2010 that was a really good yea,r but this is steady. Steady work is better than a bunch at once or none at all. I never complain when we get any snow.  We need all we can all winter to keep going,” said Floyd.


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