Local News

Snow Emergency in City of Lancaster


A snow emergency will go into effect today at 12 PM at which time City Hall and all City offices will close. Parking Garages will be open to allow residents to move their vehicles in order for crews to clear roadways designated for snow emergency.

Declaration of a Snow Emergency allows the Department of Public Works and the Police Bureau to restore reasonable flow of traffic in the City as quickly and effectively as possible.  Whenever possible, streets will be plowed curb to curb.

Click here for Snow Emergency Route Map

During the Snow Emergencies, the City advises the public through local media, the City website and social media outlets.

Cars parked along snow emergency routes must be moved within one hour of the declaration of a Snow Emergency.  Failure to remove a vehicle from a Snow Emergency Route could result in a $30 parking ticket or towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

You can receive Snow Emergency Alerts by singing up for City e-alerts or South Central Alerts. You can also call the Snow Emergency Hotline at 717-291-4876.


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