Spotty snow showers and continued frigid temps

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OVERALL: An upper level trough camps out over the northeast through next week. We’ll continue to see a train of clippers about every other day.  There isn’t a lot of moisture expected so a coating to an inch at best is expected with each but of course we’ll watch things closely and adjust our thinking as needed.  Temperatures will remain far below normal with only Saturday getting close to freezing which is 32°.

TONIGHT:  Another clipper rides in towards morning tomorrow so expect the clouds to slowly return tonight.  Lows will be cold and back into the single digits between 4° and 8° degrees.  Winds will be slightly breezy making temps feel a tad colder.

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TOMORROW:  Light snow showers may be around on and off throughout the day but anything we get should leave a coating to a half inch at most.  Highs should get to about 20°.

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FRIDAY:  Sunshine to end the week but it doesn’t do much to warm us as temperatures remain in the single digits for morning lows and afternoon highs do not get out of the teens.

WEEKEND:  We warm up a bit to the 30s by Saturday but yet another clipper will bring clouds and light snow.  We get a break Sunday as it looks dry and temperatures a bit colder. However we’ll start the week with the train of clippers as the next one will drop in bringing light snow showers for Monday and it will usher even more arctic for Tuesday!

POLAR PUNCH: Tuesday and Wednesday another blast of much colder temperatures with lows at or below zero and highs only in the low to mid teens.

MaryEllen Pann, Chief Meteorologist

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