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Turnpike Starting Advisory Panel

(Courtesy: WNEP) PENN FOREST TOWNSHIP — If you’re interested, now’s your chance to serve on a panel that would give feedback about the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The turnpike commission announced it wants to recruit thousands of drivers to get information about what they like and don’t like about the highway.

A lot of people drive the turnpike every day and now the state turnpike commission wants those drivers to speak out and give suggestions. This advisory panel would also contribute to research studies as the commission had a clear idea of how to improve the turnpike.

Most Pennsylvanians still have to drive it: 550 miles of Pennsylvania Turnpike. Talk to drivers and you’ll hear almost as many suggestions to make it better.

“Quicker notice of road changes and early warning systems, stuff like that,” suggested Ryan Ahl of New York.

“They do have a fair amount of rough services and potholes and things they could monitor a little better,” said Patrick Browne of Bala Cynwyd.

This is exactly the kind of input the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is seeking. The commission is looking for 4,000 drivers to sign up for its new traveler advisory panel to help improve the system.

Bryan Ahl is a commercial truck driver who uses the turnpike a few days a week.

“I think the input could help the turnpike and help the drivers and help emergency staff.”

The commission is looking for a mix of commercial and non-commercial drivers and frequent or occasional turnpike drivers.

But some drivers we spoke with at the Hickory Run service plaza in Carbon County aren’t so sure the panel will do much.

“I think it’s a good idea. My question is will they even pay any attention to it at higher levels?” asked Bob Chimel of South Abington Township.

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1 Comment to “Turnpike Starting Advisory Panel”

    MyTakeOnIt said:
    January 24, 2014 at 3:16 PM

    Why is the "Turnpike" such a big deal? It is a highway, like any other highway once you take away the service plazas and the toll plazas. Why is the concept of the "Turnpike" talked about so much? A highly paid Commission recently involved in scandal and fleets of dedicated employees, you'd think the road should be paved in 5 lanes of gold in both directions the whole way. Good thing I-80 wasn't made a toll road or it would be over-hyped. I-81 has so much more issue like snarling deadly wrecks and road rage murder or other shenanigans yet there is no concerted effort to start a panel about that headache of a road.

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