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York County Harley-Davidson plant General Manager is leaving

Word tonight that the general manager of the York County Harley-Davidson plant is leaving the job.  Ed Magee has resigned from Harley-Davidson to accept a job as vice president of operations and distribution with Thomas & Betts in Memphis Tennessee.  That company manufactures electrical components.  Magee has been with Harley-Davidson since 2003.  He took over as general manager of the York County plant in December of 2009.  His last day will be February 14.   Magee says, “It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with such an incredible group of professionals.  The past few years have been humbling and full of awesome memories.  I know the company will continue to do well.”  Harley-Davidson management is expected to name a new general manager soon.

Update.  Here is the brief official statement from Harley-Davidson late this afternoon:

Ed Magee has announced his resignation from Harley-Davidson to pursue other opportunities. Magee worked for Harley-Davidson for ten years, holding several positions in the company. He most recently served as General Manager at York Vehicle Operations, where he led the site’s transformation efforts. Magee’s last day with the company will be February 14. We will announce his replacement when the decision is made.



5 Comments to “York County Harley-Davidson plant General Manager is leaving”

    Joe said:
    January 24, 2014 at 3:43 PM

    Magee has done a really marvelous job for Harley. Great next move for him and we wish him well because luck is not what he needs.

    Sickening said:
    January 25, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    Huh…..moving on to another union company to try and break that union too. He did it at Harley…probably why he got the the new job offer.

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