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PA Auto Show offers great buys for attendees

Car enthusiasts gather in Harrisburg to get a sneak peek at some of the hottest cars on the market at The Pennsylvania Auto Show. The 2014 show, has more the 500 top end cars on display and for sale at the State Farm Show Complex. New to the show this year is a Power Sports Hall that showcases ATV’s, motorcycles, boats and scooters. If you aren’t looking to buy, there are plenty of other activities for you to enjoy.

“Motor Trend Auto Shows produces more than 20 auto shows across the country, but it’s really great that we get to produce an auto show right here in our hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where our business is based,” says Shaun Foley, with Motor Trend Auto Shows.

Leah Miller, also with Auto Trend Auto Shows says, “It’s all under one roof, any car you think you want, it’s probably here, you can come do your research, we have people with pens and paper writing stuff down. You don’t have to drive from dealership to dealership, and even if you’re not interested in a new car right now you can just come and have fun and there is plenty of activities for everybody.”

The Auto Show runs through Sunday.


4 Comments to “PA Auto Show offers great buys for attendees”

    Joe said:
    January 26, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    If you think you might get a good deal at the show, do your homework first and go to Edmunds or another site and price out the cars. Maybe you will or maybe you won't but, be armed with info first.

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