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Cardboard creations slide down the slopes at Ski Roundtop

What can you build with cardboard, tape, glue and paper?
Apparently a car… a cardboard car anyway. All sorts of cardboard creations were constructed for the Candy Rush Cardboard Derby at Ski Roundtop. It was held Sunday on the ski slopes in Warrington Township in York County.
The derby was sponsored by WTJL.
Teams of up to five participants could work together on their entries. They were judged on originality, team spirit, construction and costumes. Teams had to finish the course with all team members on the craft at the end in order to win; that proved difficult for many teams.
FOX43’s Photojournalist Rebecca Knier was at the event to capture all the thrills and spills.


1 Comment to “Cardboard creations slide down the slopes at Ski Roundtop”

    Kevin said:
    March 10, 2014 at 7:57 PM

    Its run by The Preston and Steve show on WMMR. Give some media credit.

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