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Holocaust survivors push for education in schools

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Here in Pennsylvania, advocates are pushing for Holocaust and genocide education in public schools.  State Representative, Brendan Foyle of Philadelphia along with Holocaust education advocates and Holocaust survivors spoke at the State Capitol Monday.  Advocates are hoping to make Holocaust and genocide awareness mandatory in Pennsylvania schools.  Currently, there is no obligation for schools to teach the subjects.

Trudy Klein-Gompers, a Holocaust survivor says, “I am a survivor, I know how vital is for our children’s very future to understand our past, without knowledge that can not happen.”

Boyle’s legislation currently awaits action in the Education Committee.  Last year, Boyle came one vote short in 99-99 House vote of passing an amendment mandating Holocaust awareness education.  Legislation that would accomplish this goal has also been introduced in the state Senate and is expected to come up for a vote soon.


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