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Victim’s family “frustrated” weeks after I-81 murder

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More than three weeks have passed since someone shot and killed Timothy “Asti” Davison on I-81 in Franklin County in what police call an apparent case of road rage, but there have been no arrests or suspects identified.

“Most recently, we’re just really frustrated with the whole system. I think there’s so many people organized and involved with this task force that sometimes I don’t think the left hand knows what the right hand is doing,” said Theresa Allocca, Davison’s mother.

In the early hours of January 4, Davison was driving to Maine after visiting relatives in Florida.

State police say someone in a dark pickup truck, possibly a Ford Ranger XLT, started following Davison for miles, just south of the Pennsylvania and Maryland state line. Police say the driver shot at Davison and eventually ran him off the road in Antrim Township, Franklin County. Police say the driver then shot Davison and took off. Davison was 28.

Police have not connected the case to any other incidents.

“If someone cut him off, he’d kind of just shrug his shoulders. He might say something like, ‘Oh, what a jerk,’ and roll his eyes. But, he certainly wouldn’t engage in that activity,” said Allocca. “He was totally against guns of any kind. I said, ‘What in the world did you do?’ He gave me a big hug and said, ‘More love, mom.’”

Police have returned to the scene since the shooting to gather evidence. However, there’s been no new information released to the public in two weeks.

Allocca said there’s an investigator who keeps in contact with her regularly, including emailing her an update Tuesday morning. She said she hasn’t heard about any promising leads.

“Honestly, they’re not giving us much to hang our hopes on as far as solving this. Now, maybe they’re just keeping things quiet, and they know a lot more than they want out to the public. I would hope that that would be the case,” said Allocca.

There’s a $10,000 reward for information in this case. The Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers hotline is (800) 4PA-TIPS.

Separate from the criminal investigation, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) called on the FCC to look into why Davison’s call to 911 was dropped near the PA/MD state line. He wants to know if there’s a specific issue with coverage in that area.

“It was pretty much at a key time when he was asking, ‘Should I get off the highway?’ So, do I think they need more funding? Definitely,” said Allocca.

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  • Yorker

    I think that maybe they need a traffic cam or two around there. They have one right around where that man was hit on I-83 and hopefully the authorities are using that to narrow down the vehicles that were in the area at the time.

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