Fort Indiantown Gap Launches Community Information Telephone Number

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Fort Indiantown Gap has launched a new community information telephone number to inform residents about activities happening at the installation that may impact them.


Beginning Jan. 28, people phoning 717-861-2007 will hear a recorded message with dates and times of community activities and training events.


“The line is another method we’re using to inform residents of training activities like artillery fire or prescribed burns,” said Lt. Col. Dale Waltman, acting deputy training site commander. “We’ll also have messages about activities hosted on the installation that residents may be interested in, like our Regal Fritillary butterfly tours in the summer and our tree-lighting event in the winter.”


“We realize that not everyone is connected to our Facebook page or our website, but people still want a way to get information. This is another communication tool,” said Maj. Angela King-Sweigart, Fort Indiantown Gap public affairs officer. 


Other automated information lines that the installation has include 717-861-2100, a line notifying hunters of which areas are open on each day for us and its main directory at 717-861-2000.

Fort Indiantown Gap, headquarters to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and National Guard, offers more than 19,000 acres and 140 training areas and facilities for year-round training. It balances one of the region’s most ecologically diverse areas with a military mission that annually supports 19,000 Pennsylvania National Guard personnel and more than 130,000 other states’ Guard, military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel each year. It is the only live-fire, maneuver military training facility in Pennsylvania.

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