Four aliens face charges for illegal entry into the United States

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Four aliens are charged with illegal entry into the United States. Three of the illegal aliens were arrested in the mid-state, two in York and one in Cumberland County.

Domingo Cervante-Domiguez, 34, a native and citizen of Mexico and Elvin Sanchez-Herrera, 33, a native and citizen of El Salvador, are each charged in a one count information  for illegal entry. The two men were arrested in York.

Fidel Bautista-Salazar, 35, a native and citizen of Mexico, also charged with illegal entry, was arrested in Cumberland County. Jorge De Leon-Estrada, 34, a native and citizen of Guatemala, was arrested in Franklin, a borough in northwestern Pennsylvania.

If convicted, all four men face a maximum sentence of up to 6 months imprisonment and a $5,000 fine.

The investigations were conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and are being prosecuted by Special Assistant United States Attorney Brian McDonnell.


  • Linda

    will they be deported after they do the six months in jail. Why not fine them and deport them as soon as they go to court and get charged.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      I agree. Isn't jailing them more of a burden to the citizens of the USA?

      I also would think this sort of thing is commonplace but if it made, it must be big news here in Child Predator Central, the Susquehanna Valley, PA.

  • Yupp

    We will house and feed them for six months and then deport them. Two weeks later they be right back here in the USA. Time to get tough! They are invaders into the USA, capital punishment should be the only punishment option!

      • Yupp

        That is the response most countries give to people enter their countries illegally. Often they are shot on sight! As long as there is no real punishment for people entering the USA illegally, they will continue pouring in, where they break our laws and clog up our social services intended for US citizens.

        • MyTakeOnIt

          It's just not going to happen. The US will not resort to capital punishment (CP).

          You don't see CP as a deterrent to the mass shootings each week. The 16 year old boy did not think about that when he shot at the officer on I-81 the other day. Personally, I do support CP as a valid punishment for murder proven beyond much more than a reasonable doubt.

  • Jimmy K

    Wonder what came out of homeland security and immigration showing up at Bakers diner in Dillsburg. Heard they took all of the non-Americans out of there early one morning a few weeks ago and not all of them returned!

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