Local News

Harrisburg man charged in September murder already facing other gun-related charges

The Dauphin County District Attorney announced murder charges today against a man already facing other gun-related charges.  Ed Marscio announced charges against Daniel Negron-Rosario related to a Harrisburg homicide on Wednesday.

He says Negron – Rosario shot and killed Rafael Diaz-Cosme last September during a drug deal  along the 1400 block of Hunter Street in Harrisburg.  Negron-Rosario  was recently arrested by police in Lower Allen Township after they say he opened fire on a State Trooper near the Capitol City Mall in December. Marisco also said he  had recently moved to the area after his release for a 2001 homicide conviction  in Puerto Rico.

“ Here you have someone convicted of murder in Puerto Rico, firing at a state trooper in Cumberland County, and shooting several times and killing someone on the streets of Harrisburg. This is a dangerous individual. This is the type of individual we need to get off the streets,” says Marsico

Negron-Rosario is facing multiple charges including first degree murder, and carrying a firearm without a license. Marsico credited the Harrisburg Police Department with good police work in  bringing these charges.


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