York students log on to cyber school

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Hundreds of students logged onto their computers for a web chat Wednesday. It was part of a virtual rally in schools across the state.

The Achievement House Cyber Charter School in York was one of them.

The online rally was meant to show support for school choice. Each student at Acheivement House has a computer and they’re enrolled in live, virtual classes.

“It’s easier because you don’t have people distracting you, but it’s more challenging because it’s what you need to work on but a little bit higher,” says 8th grade student Andres Morales.

The rally is part of the 2014 National School Choice Week.

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  • Yupp

    Cyber schools steal money from legitimate public schools! They cost the taxpayers millions of extra dollars every year. If you want to go to private school, pay for it yourself! Stop robbing money from the local school systems!

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