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York Habitat for Humanity Hanline Family Build Bingo

York Habitat for Humanity teamed up with Goodwill Fire Company #1 Jacobus on Sunday to host a vendor bingo that will help fund a home for a handicapped York County teen.  13-year-old Allen Hanline has cerebral palsy.  Neither his customized walker nor his wheelchair fit through the doorways in his family’s current rental home.  His family’s, new handicapped accessible Habitat home will give Allen the ability to walk, so he will no longer have to crawl, which is causing him joint damage.  The specialized home will also make it easier and safer for Allen’s mother, Laurie, to care for him.

Laurie Hanline, Allen’s mother and recipient of Habitat home says, “I can not believe the amount of people that have showed up.  It just really shows that even as time goes by that people are still interested in helping and supporting and coming out and giving their time and their donations to get this done.”

About 30,000 dollars in funding is still  needed to complete the Jacobus home by March 2014.

Visit this link if you are interested in donating:  http://www.yorkhabitat.org/projects.php


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