OSS Health cancels all surgeries after losing power

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The widespread power outages have impacted homes and businesses as well as healthcare for some people. That was the case for folks who were scheduled to have operations at Orthopedic & Spine Specialists Health, known as OSS Health.

The power at OSS Health went out sometime before 7AM, but they do have generators. However the Pennsylvania Department of Health says outpatient centers like OSS Health cannot perform surgeries unless they are operating on full power.

Patricia Anderson’s husband was scheduled to have surgery, but couldn’t because of the power outage. She said her husband has 3 slipped discs in his back. “It got to the point the last couple of days that he can barely walk. It’s been a real problem because we’ve been looking forward to this surgery now for several weeks and it’s a needed surgery” said Anderson.

OSS Health Chief Operating Officer Michael Enriquez is empathetic to their problem. “Obviously they’ve been inconvenienced significantly with time off of work and family or friends being able to bring them here. So when they can coordinate that again we’ll be able to put them on the schedule and accommodate them as best we can” said Enriquez.

Enriquez said that power had been restored to the OSS Health building as of 3PM on Wednesday. He said surgeries will resume again on Thursday.