DUI driver takes out sign, gets stuck in snow


Police say the driver who took out a stop sign and then got stuck in the snow on Route 15 South in Upper Allen Township was under the influence. It happened this morning around 12:16 AM on US Route 15 South in the area of the PA Turnpike.  Ashley A. Eisenbeis, 23, of Mechanicsburg, was driving an Oldsmobile southbound when she lost control and struck a sign along the roadway. The car then became stuck in the snow after striking the sign. Eisenbeis was found to be under the influence and arrested at the scene and transported to the Cumberland County Prison for processing. A preliminary hearing will be held on a later date.


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  • MyTakeOnIt

    LOL.The most experienced DUI drivers know that the law or killing someone may not catch up with them as fast as the snow and ice will.

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