PillCam: New method might replace original colonoscopy – FDA Approved!

A lot of people dread the traditional colonoscopy experience because of how unpleasant it can be. Good news, is the FDA has approved a new method that costs a fraction of what the tradition one costs, it’s called PillCam. Watch the video above to see what PillCam does.

The camera in pill-form only costs $500!

PillCam - Given Imaging

This Pill has two color cameras and batteries that

Here are more details from the company that produces the PillCam:

“The PillCam COLON video capsule is equipped with two miniature color video cameras (one on each end), a battery and an LED light source; it measures 12 mm X 33 mm. PillCam COLON is designed to be ingested by the patient and transmits 4 or 35 frames per second for approximately 10 hours.”


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