Same-sex couples get expanded rights in federal courts

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The U.S. Attorney General announced federal courts will recognize marriage rights for same-sex couples starting Monday.

Attorney General Eric Holder made the announcement.

It affects legal matters. For instance, same-sex couples lawfully wedded (in a state that allows it) won’t have to testify against each other.

That does not apply to PA state courts because the state doesn’t recognize same sex marriages.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute said in a statement, “Eric Holder’s latest actions seem more designed to cater to special interests.  All society would be much better off if government sought to strengthen marriage and family rather than redefine it.”

“It makes me feel good,” says Ted Martin, of Equality Pennsylvania.  “It makes me feel that my federal government the people that represent me in Washington, actually represent me as a person in a relationship and as a citizen of the country.”

Martin married his partner in California, so they are in limbo. The federal government recognizes their marriage; the state they live in does not.