Local News

Governor Corbett thanks Pennsylvanians for their efforts in the extreme weather

Governor Tom Corbett reminds you to stay off the roadways in these bad conditions.  Thursday morning, he thanked crews for the hard work. Corbett says nearly 2,000 PennDOT and turnpike crews are plowing the roads.  There are over 780 members of the National Guard available to support operations.  The guard has deployed liaison officers to all the affected counties.  As of 10:00 Thursday morning, just over 700 customers in the Keystone State were without power.  And the Governor warns you about carbon monoxide poisoning.

He says, “If you lose power, please do not use alternative methods to warm your home, by using a charcoal grill or gas oven. If you have a fireplace, great.”

Symptoms of poisoning are often mistaken with the flu.  This includes nausea, headaches, dizziness and disorientation or fatigue.  If you experience this, call 911 immediately.

The Governor says the state utility commission is responding promptly to the power outages.  On Wednesday, Corbett activated the State of Emergency Operations in anticipation of Thursday’s storm.


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