Harrisburg mayor to lift snow emergency at midnight

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Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse will lift the city’s snow emergency at midnight, 24 hours after it went into effect.

“The city seems to have weathered the worst of the storm,” Papenfuse said in a news release. “And we are grateful to our Public Works crews, as well as to our police and fire officers for their dedication to keeping our residents safe.”

Papenfuse said crews will continue to work through the night to clear snow and ice from the streets.

During the emergency, drivers are not allowed to park their cars on the city’s emergency routes. Residents who parked their cars in the Locust Street garage during the emergency can keep them there through closing time Friday evening.

Harrisburg police issued tickets to drivers who left their cars on the emergency routes but did not tow any cars, Papenfuse said.

He added sanitation and recycling pickups will start again Friday, though one day behind schedule.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Seems premature to lift emergencies in our cities when another 3-5 is expected overnight. We'll see if they made a bad choice.

  • Becclay

    Mr Mayor, may I ask that you plow Oliver Alley between Third and Green Streets? Many of your downtown workers (and those that spend our money in your fair city) park in the lots off the alley and our cars are taking a beating since it is never plowed. I've ask this of previous mayors and have gotten nowhere. Many residents of North Street also park behind their homes off the alley.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Friendly thought. There may be a specific reason they do not or cannot plow that alley. Perhaps it is privately owned? Can a truck with a plow attached move down the alley?

      Notice that I said a specific reason and not a good reason. In whatever case, the past and present mayor should respond to you. Try a certified letter or petition if you have not already.

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