Mayor orders towing of vehicles interfering with snow removal

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Middletown Mayor James H. Curry III has ordered vehicles still parked on snow emergency routes in the Borough towed if they interfere with cleanup efforts.

“This is the final warning,” said Mayor Curry. “With the Disaster Emergency declaration, we are bringing in additional crews to help facilitate the removal of the plowed snow. Vehicles that impede that process will be towed at the owner’s expense.”

Although the Borough’s snow emergency ordinance allows vehicles parked on snow emergency routes to be towed, Mayor Curry previously ordered police to only issue tickets, hoping that would serve as a warning that the Borough is serious about keeping key thoroughfares clear for emergency responders.

While compliance has been much better this storm that it was during last week’s ice storm, there are still a number of vehicles parked illegally and in the way of crews.

“They have had 24 hours warning. If they have not complied by now, they will be towed,” Mayor Curry said.

The snow emergency was declared shortly before 3 p.m. Wednesday, with an 8 p.m. deadline for moving vehicles before ticketing began.

A complete list of designated snow emergency route streets and parking restrictions is available on the Borough’s Web site at