Snow causes trucks to get stuck and could make one man miss a Caribbean cruise

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Snow covered roads meant slick conditions and stuck drivers. Trucks throughout York County were getting stuck as they pulled onto roads and highways. One of those trucks got stuck turning onto Market Street from Memory Lane in Springettsbury Township. The driver kept trying to floor it to no avail. That’s when Richard Brubaker got involved. He had just dropped a friend off at work when he saw the truck. He immediately stopped and began digging it out with a snow shovel he keeps in his car.

“I would like to think that if I was stuck somebody would stop and try and help me out if they could. Just trying to help somebody out so that maybe sometime down the road they might be able to help me out. I’ve been helped enough in my life that I’m still not caught up yet” said Brubaker. He said on days like today when he sees someone stuck it’s all about paying it forward.

Trucks getting stuck is bad, but it gets worse.  For one man in Springettsbury Township, York County it’s ruining a trip he’s planned since last year. Harry Hatter had planned to be on a Caribbean cruise. He made the reservation last October and was supposed to drive to Florida Thursday morning, but instead of hitting the highway he’s stuck plowing his driveway.

He was going to drive down with a friend to Tampa and stop along the way to visit grand kids. The cruise is set to leave on Sunday with or without Hatter and is destined for Mexico before going to the Caribbean.  “The boat is paid for so I don’t want to lose that and what else can I do? I can’t fly down, I even have my car all loaded with suitcases waiting to go. We just need to get a break in the weather here so we can take off” said Hatter. Hatter said he’s going to try and get on the road first thing tomorrow morning.