Local News

FOX43′s Eames Yates surprises Amy Lutz with a special Valentine’s Day gift

Fox 43′s Eames Yates spent the day with a delivery woman that works with the ‘Flowers By Laney’ shop in Shrewsbury Township, York County. One of the stops was in Hopewell Township, York County. The delivery woman gave flowers to Debbie Zanghi who was holding them for her neighbor who was at work. Zanghi said it didn’t bother her that she didn’t get any flowers of her own because she’s had a happy marriage of 40 years, 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

Zanghi said she might have a little fun with her neighbor.  “I might tease her and tell her they never came. No, no I would never do that. These are beautiful so that was very nice. She’ll be sure to get them” said Zanghi.

Flowers By Laney handled roughly 400 orders of flowers for Valentine’s Day, But there was one more that still needed to be delivered. Watch the video and see the surprise!



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