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Love triumphs despite tough conditions for Valentine’s Day flower deliveries

Jessica Myers works for Flowers By Laney in Shrewsbury Township, York County. She was supposed to start delivering flowers at 9AM Friday morning for Valentine’s Day, but there was a slight problem. “I couldn’t get out of my driveway” said Myers.

She got a ride from her boss and once she got to the shop Myers loaded her truck full of flowers and hit the road. “I like the look on the people’s faces when you surprise them with a bouquet of flowers, I  enjoy it” said Myers.

One of those smiling faces belonged to Carol Foster, whose husband bought her a beautiful bouquet of roses. She said it’s been a long winter and that she welcomed a gift that symbolized the promise of Spring. “With all this snow it’s a nice little perk” said Foster. It’s a perk she appreciates year-round. “to me it’s more important to be surprised throughout the year. You know, send me flowers for no reason versus on valentines day… But I mean don’t get me wrong, we always like flowers” said Foster.

Myers continued her deliveries throughout the day delivering roughly 25 bouquets. She said “their are always smiles, they’re always surprised I think cause they don’t know that they are recieving them so it’s kind of cool.”


1 Comment to “Love triumphs despite tough conditions for Valentine’s Day flower deliveries”

    blw said:
    February 15, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    I never had a true love.

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