Where to put all of this snow?

With a new storm threatening our area and people still digging out from our last blast of winter weather, the challenge has become, where do we put it all.

It seems everywhere you look there are mounds of snow. It’s those mounds of snow that are creating blind spots at just about every driveway and street corner. “four-foot, some of them are six or more. My neighbors they got like six-foot you know and I’m sure with another six inches they’re going to go another two foot,” said York City resident Howard Ness of the snow mounds around him.

Ness is happy to have a snow blower after this winter. “This is the worst one we went through in a good while now.” But he is still figuring out where to put all of it. “We try to put it on the side of the road,  and in piles. I mean there is nowhere to go with it,” said Ness as he laughed. “It’s tough for places like the side streets. There is nowhere to go. A lot of people are throwing it right out in the street so then the plow comes back and they are plowing it right back in. I don’t think I want to do double work if I don’t have to.”

Throwing snow onto the street isn’t allowed, and the city sent out a notice Friday to remind residents. “Throwing or depositing snow in the road, street or highway is also a violation of city ordinance,” according to the release.

The release also reminds people to shovel their sidewalks. “Mayor C. Kim Bracey reminds residents to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice. Residents are required to remove snow and ice from their properties within 12 hours after snow/ice has ceased to fall. Mayor C. Kim Bracey is asking community members to be patient and to give themselves some extra time traveling about in the community.  The public works department is working extremely hard to ensure that our city streets are as drivable and walkable as possible.”