‘Space savers’ popping up on York city streets


The snow is overflowing many streets in York, and after digging out of their parking spaces, some residents are getting creative to keep other drivers from pulling in.

“You figure you get out there, dig that spot out, you deserve to have that spot,” says York  resident Eddie Davis, who understood why people are doing that. “Right is right, wrong is wrong.”

However, the practice of putting chairs, recycling bins, and other items to block parking spaces is illegal, against the York city ordinance. It says that leaving “obstructions” in the road is punishable with a fine of at least $10 and up to $600.

But some residents say they work hard to clear the space and don’t want anyone else to take it.

“Looking for a parking spot right now is like survival of the fittest,” says Johan Acosta, who was surprised to see the parking situation, visiting from out of town. “Whoever finds the first parking spot, they win, right now.”

“I don’t like that idea because i’ts a public street but you can run into problems with people too, you know,” says Taree Hanes Jr.,  who comes into York almost every day and has trouble finding parking.  “so when I see stuff like that, I just keep it moving, keep the peace.”