Local News

Study finds romantic comedies can help your relationship

Story by: CNN

Romantic comedies, or chick flicks as some people like to call them, might actually have a valuable role to play in your relationship. That’s according to a new, and very interesting study for lovebirds.
It says there is a secret weapon to these sorts of sappy movies.

The study out by the University of Rochester says watching a romantic comedy or date movie with your significant other can actually strengthen your own relationship.

The New York Times reports that the study found couples who watched these movies together were less likely to get a divorce or to separate. The reason?  The researchers say the movie leads to introspection for each person and gets the conversation about their own relationship started in a non-threatening way.

Watching other couples on the screen go through own highs and lows makes you realize and address your own.

The findings of this study are preliminary, but the researchers believe the research will have a powerful effect on marriage therapy in the future.


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