New Jersey using pickle juice as road de-icer

Harrisburg isn’t the only place dealing with with icy roads. So is New Jersey, although they are also dealing with smelly roads.

The Garden State is being forced to use pickle juice to de-ice their roads.

The state ran out of salt and a new shipment is sitting at a port in Maine waiting until the state gets a federal waiver. The vessel carrying the 40 thousand ton shipment of rock salt is being denied entrance to New Jersey because it’s in violation of the 1920 federal maritime law known as the “Jones Act.”

Basically, the law requires a ship traveling between two U.S. ports to fly an American flag.

Once the state gets the waiver, which is likely, it will take two days for the salt to arrive.

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  • Terri

    Two day delay for salt on NJ icy roads d/t vessel not having an American Flag ???? NJ using " pickle juice?" on roads??? Living in this state embarrasses me at every turn !


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