Recent shootings in Lancaster sparks debate over whether to install more cameras

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In January there were 4 separate shootings in the city of Lancaster. That has Lancaster city resident Camisha Snyder worried about the safety of her daughter. “I think there should be more cameras. Every intersection should have a camera” said Snyder.

Not everyone agrees with Snyder. Lancaster city resident Nick Furrow said “before we get worked up over the statistics and start thinking about putting up cameras or looking over our shoulder lets remember that okay yes this is going on, but there’s a lot of good here as well.”

Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler said the city already has enough cameras. “The city has well over a hundred cameras placed throughout the city through the safety coalition, but beyond that there’s literally thousands of cameras in the city that are privately owned” said Sadler. He said the cooperation of people at businesses who own those cameras often plays a crucial role when it comes to making arrests.

Sadler said the recent shootings in Lancaster aren’t connected, but he does see a common thread. “Young people, young men specifically. Probably between the ages of late teens to early twenties” said Snyder. Lancaster Police have already made at least two arrests in connection with the shootings in January.