Snow piling up in parking lots causes problems for drivers

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No matter where you go in Central Pennsylvania, snow mounds are most likely seen on the sides of roadways.  They’re also taking up parking spots at already congested shopping complexes.

Traci Rodkey is ready for the day’s events with her two daughters.  She says, “And I’m also pregnant with another one, so please be safe, drive slowly so you don’t hit us.”

Rodkey has her reasons for being concerned.  She says, “It was really icy trying to get the girls out of the mini van and usually we can cut through the mulch, but we have to walk all the way around the snow and find a staircase that’s clear just to get over here.”

Rodkey is careful and wishes other drivers would do the same.  She says, “People tend to drive way too fast for the conditions.  It looks slushy but it’s slippery.”

Sergeant Jeff Dunbar with the York Area Regional Police Department says, “It’s just bad.  You’ve got to slow down.”

Sergeant Dunbar says snow mounds have created blind spots and ice always remains a threat.

He says, “The melting and refreezing when temperatures get cold again.  It’s just the water runs everywhere, so the icy conditions from people walking through the lot and driving through, they’re not maintained once they’re cleared.”

Many parking spots are also blocked by the snow mounds.  Give yourself extra time to find a spot.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    People also have to pull out slowly from a stop where the visibility is blocked by snow. Give the driver with the right of way a chance to see you pulling into his/her path. If you are that driver, don't get pissed that they cannot see and pull out in front of you. After all bud, THEY CANNOT SEE. X-Ray vision is still only on the video games and movies.

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