Viral Video: Dad laughs as kids slip and fall on ice

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(WQAD) Some controversy now surrounds video shot by a dad who laughs uncontrollably as kids fall on an icy walkway.

Several media outlets identified the man who shot the video as “Alan,” who is apparently waiting to pick up his daughter from school.  On the video, Alan is heard offering commentary as he watches student after student fall on an icy sidewalk.

At one point he says, “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.”

When his daughter gets in the car, the laughter continues and he keeps rolling as more falls and near-misses happen on the icy walk.

The daughter is later heard on the video saying, “We’re kind of bad people.”


  • sixkay

    Who the hell cares? He's hurting no one, are people really that bored with their own life? This is what we call news now? FFS I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Jasmine

    the fact he is laughing makes it funnier. I seriously want anyone to tell me they have never laughed at someone falling. you cant because it is funny no one was hurt so it is okay to laugh even if they are hurt as long as you make sure they are okay it is fine to laugh.

  • tracy cockrell

    is there something in the water that that makes an adult laugh instead of helping the situation? what if someone got a head injury. you think he'd be laughing then? where are adult sensibilities anymore. do we all want to act like children now? has anyone read "Lord of the Flies"? bad ADULT behavior.

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