The Olympics teach Fifth graders in Central Dauphin School District about teamwork and dedication

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A group of Dauphin County fifth graders competing for the gold in a popular winter Olympic sport.  The Lower Paxton Township students spent the last few weeks training for their race, but only one team can walk away with the top medal.  As students learn, the competition becomes more of a lesson on teamwork than winning.

The Mountain View Elementary students report to the news desk as they highlight U.S. Olympians as part of a lesson plan that focuses on current events.

Teacher, Ashley Oyer says, “We like to bring in the real world so while we’re learning about the Revolutionary War, we thought why not the Olympics.”

Also on the lesson plan, classmates create a bobsled using uncommon items.  And for Zach Zader and DaQuan Holland, there’s nothing like walking away with the gold.

There was also a medal awarded to the most creative bobsled.  Student, Kyle Stevens won the award because he says, “Most of the bobsleds they have wheels or things to make it go further and we were going to but then we decided that we just would do runners.”

Win or lose, students learn a most important lesson on teamwork.

Student, Victoria Baker says about her teammate, Olivia, “Olivia is an extremely nice person and anything she said she would go with as long as I was okay with it.  And the same way around too.”