20,000 tons of salt on the way to PA

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Between now and Tuesday dozens of trucks will deliver 20,000 tons of salt from Wilmington, Delaware to Pennsylvania…6,000 tons from that load will go to the PennDOT facility in Dauphin County.

Governor Corbett asked that PennDOT accelerate deliveries because of the pattern or storms that have hit Pennsylvania in recent weeks.

The PennDOT facility in Dauphin County typically holds 10,000 tons of salt and it was completely empty until trucks arrived overnight with a delivery.

The salt will be spread out between 8 counties in our area with Lancaster, Lebanon, and Perry Counties needing it the most.

Above average snowfall calls for backup, something PennDOT says it hasn’t had to do since 1994, and until reinforcement arrives, they’re trying to stretch the current supply.

“It’s something that we use on a daily basis, we’ve been trying to mix rock in it so it’s 50/50 instead of 100% salt,” says Dale Good, with PennDOT.

As of mid-February PennDOT has used just over 988,000 tons of salt across the state…which is nearly 32% more than what was used over the past 5 years.