2 men arrested after heroin and guns seized in Cumberland County

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Police seized more than 1,300 bags of heroin at the homes of 2 men in Cumberland County on Tuesday. Patrick Molle and Niles Lavin have been charged with Intent to Distribute Heroin. There is also an arrest warrant for a 3rd man Noel Cuevas.

Police said Cuevas supplied Molle and Lavin with the drugs that may have come from the Philadelphia area. Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said “we believe based on our investigation that this all came as part of one shipment. That it all came from the same source. We think that Cuevas is the person who obtained it and brought it here.”

The drugs have a street value of roughly $25,000 dollars. In addition to the drugs police took 4 guns from the house including an AK-47. A small amount of cocaine and cash was also seized.

Freed said the heroin problem in Cumberland County is getting worse. The Mechanicsburg Police Chief, David Spotts, said “I’ve been a police officer in Cumberland County for thirty six years now. Heroin has never been more plentiful than what I’ve seen it in the last year or so. It’s just coming in.”