Angry man threatens Belco CU employees; President Obama via social media

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Police in Dauphin County were alerted yesterday that a man was posting threats on facebook towards Belco Credit Union Employees, and the President of the United States. He was identified as Frederick Zulli, 33, of Hummelstown.

Swatara Township Police say that Zulli had gone into the Paxton Street Branch of Belco Credit Union last Tuesday and yelled at employees because he was angry at a service fee that had been charged to his account. He used profanity while in the bank and threatened bank employees.

Zulli was arrested at his home on Wednesday and charged with 3 counts of Terroristic Threats and 1 count of Disorderly Conduct. After arraigned he was taken to Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Township Police were assisted in the investigation by the US Secret Service and Lower Paxton Township Police Department.

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  • joshoptic

    Anyone who knows this guy or grew up in or around his neighborhood is not surprised to hear that he did this. He’s always been like that.

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