AWWW! Watch this cute two legged kitten climb the stairs

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Raising Mercury Facebook page, says the tabby kitten was found near Edmond, Oklahoma in September of 2013.

It is believed the kitten, only 4-days-old, had been hit by a weed whacker. The Community Cat Coalition of Edmond, a rescue group, received a call to help the kitten.

Rescuers say despite the fact that he is missing his two front legs, he is a very active kitten. They have worked with him to teach him to run, jump and play. A video posted to YouTube shows Mercury conquering a set of kitty stairs, with the help of an enticing toy. Another video shows him tangling with a crinkly tunnel toy.

His rescuers say as Mercury grows older, he will need some sort of device to help him get around. That is something it appears they are still working on, although they encourage him to do as much as possible on his own.


You can find Mercury’s Facebook page here!

Raising Mercury T-Rex!

Raising Mercury: Thank you Jadin Hanson for this picture of Mercury and a t-rex! Mercury certainly has the personality of one, and he is working on his roar. Source