Family members raise security concerns after incident at York City school

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After roughly 2 hours of waiting family members finally were reunited with their kids. Those kids were bussed from Phineas Davis Elementary to Goode Elementary in York and that’s where family members were waiting for them. An incident with a parent led to Phineas Davis being put on lock down.

Anger turned to relief when families found their children safe, but relief gave way to concern. Thomas Dews’ daughter goes to Phineas Davis Elementary. “you send your baby to school and you get a phone call from mom saying something like this happened and it has you wonder are our children safe” said Dews.

Another parent, Jose Rosa, said “it looks like they don’t have enough security at school. You know, and it looks like kids aren’t safe at school and that should be the safest place they should be.”

Charles Huffman’s daughter also goes to Phineas Davis Elementary. He’s grateful that his daughter is alright and he’s ready to take steps to keep her safe. “To get my daughter out of City school district. It’s getting too dangerous around this town and I want to get her out of the city” said Huffman.