Star of Amish Mafia may be back with boyfriend who beat her

A Lieutenant with the Manheim Township Police Department said that cops responded to a noise complaint at Esther Schmucker’s house on January 31st of this year. He said that Imir Williams was inside Schumcker’s apartment. Williams was convicted of attacking Schmucker on Halloween.

Schmucker’s attorney, Steven Breit, said “I’m disappointed but I’m really not surprised.” Williams was arrested for repeatedly punching Schmucker in the face last October. “It’s very likely that the person that’s been abused will end of going back to the abuser” said Breit.

Lancaster doctor Paul West is a licensed professional counselor. He said “it’s kind of like the person who wants to believe that their partner is going to stop drinking. And they have made those promises time and time again and the person says oh this time I really mean it. But the last time they really meant it and the time before that.”

West said that hope that a partner can change is common with victims of domestic violence, but in many cases old behaviors of abuse will eventually return. As for the future of the show Amish Mafia, Esther’s attorney said it will be business as usual. “I have been in direct contact with not only the discovery channel but also the producers of the show. And they’ve assured me that this situation will have no bearing or effect on how this show is being produced, how it’s being displayed and how it’s being aired for the public to view” said Breit.