Winter storm keeps grocery stores busy


People around the area flocked to the grocery stores Sunday in anticipation of the snow storm coming our way.

Here is a picture from The Giant Food Store on Pauline Drive in York Township, York County, where people stocked up on the essential milk, bread, and eggs.


Since this has been such a difficult storm to forecast, shoppers speculated about how much snow we will actually get.

“I’m thinking about a foot honestly, I’m originally from Chicago so I have a fairly decent feel about these things. I think it’s going to be around a foot.”
“We’re supposed to get maybe six inches of snow but maybe that’s changed.  It is crazy insane in the membrane packed today at the store.  We York Countians, we love getting our bread and our milk and our essentials,” Thea Delaney, local shopper.

No matter how much snow we get, at least these shoppers will have the “essentials” to make french toast.


  • Dan

    Like you really think you're going to get snowed in. How dumb. What was the longest you've ever been stuck in your house when it snowed?

  • Joe

    I have never shopped for a storm. The or four days without shopping is normal for us in any case. If s storm snowed people in for three days, calling for a pizza would be futile. I would have thought people would be prepared by now.

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