Fire destroys home and Police Chief suspects the homeowners were inside

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A fire broke out around 10AM Monday morning in the 1600 block of Carlisle Road in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County. The Lower Allen Township Police Chief Frank Williamson said he suspects that the elderly couple that lived at the house were both inside when the fire occurred. He said the man who lived at the house was seen going inside a half hour before the fire started. Officials brought a backhoe to the house to remove debris.

The couples van had been parked in front of the house all day. Neighbors said the man who lived there loved being outside. Ridge Maher lives right across the street. “He was very nice. As far as activeness goes he was always outside mowing his grass. All summer he was constantly moving stuff around his yard. For how old he was it was surprising how much he was out” said Maher.

The Lower Allen Township Police Chief also said a propane tank behind the house started leaking, which increased the intensity of the fire. Neighbor Deb Leverence said the couple that lived in the house were very kind. “They had that home built for themselves and they are a wonderful couple and they have been in this area since it was farmland” said Leverence.