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Lancaster County man fights back during home invasion

A Lancaster County man fights off two people while trying to protect himself and his grandmother during a home invasion over the weekend.    West Hempfield Township Police say around 8:30  Sunday night a 17-year-old and 18-year-old Luke Karpathios knocked on the door of the West Hempfield Township home. They say they allegedly knocked over 69-year-old Freda Andreadis and then went after Shawn Kelley.

Kelley says after they knocked his grandmother down, pushed him into a bedroom, and struck him in the head multiple times with an air soft gun he decided to fight back. He then stabbed the two alleged intruders  with a pocket knife.

“ I didn`t want to waste any time I wanted these guys away from me not harming me or in my house I didn’t know what he was going to do next so I just quickly twice swung with the knife and swung vertically down,” said Kelley

Kelley said they eventually took off their masks, and he realized they weren’t strangers.

“ They both stopped and took their masks off and  were like Shawn we`re sorry don`t call police and I recognized who they were and I`m not really friends with them but Ive hung out with them in the past,” said Kelley

The chief says they have made no arrests. But they have been in contact with the District Attorney’s office. Once the investigation is complete the suspects could face multiple charges.

He also tells FOX43 one of the two suspects is the son of an officer who works in the West Hempfield Township Police Department. The chief says they aren’t hiding that and that the officer won’t be working on this case.


2 Comments to “Lancaster County man fights back during home invasion”

    steph said:
    March 5, 2014 at 8:59 AM

    sounds like 2 boys will be seeing jail time…lets see if the police department try to sweep this one under the rug….

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