Baltimore police officer charged with killing girlfriend’s puppy

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Alec Eugene Taylor, 27, of Silver Spring, is charged with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse or neglect of an animal. (Photo provided by Montgomery County Department of Police)

A city police officer is accused of beating a Jack Russell terrier puppy with a mop, then choking the dog and sending a picture of its dead body to its owner — his girlfriend.

Montgomery County Police have charged Alec Eugene Taylor, 27, of Silver Spring, with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse or neglect of an animal.

Taylor’s girlfriend told police she received a text from Taylor on February 26 telling her that he killed the seven-month-old dog, named Rocko, after it defecated on the carpet. He then sent her a picture, according to a news release.

She told police Taylor said he was tired of cleaning up the dog’s mess and that he had beaten it with a mop before throwing its body in a parking lot dumpster. Police said he later told investigators he used a mop to force Rocko from behind the dryer and then used his hands to choke the dog.

In a statement, Baltimore police said Taylor, a five-year veteran, has been suspended without pay.

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  • TonytIiger

    I agree with Ryan totally. I rescued a Jack Russell with a dash of Chiwawa from the humane league 3 years ago. Now the vet said she was between 4 and 5 years old so not a puppy but "Lucy Lu" is the smartest dog I've ever adopted. She will cross her legs to wait to go outside to do her business. If I have to be away for more than a few hours I'll put down a news paper or a puppy pad down by the door and she will use that. Point being especially from all I've read this bread is a very smart and obedient dog so if this "bass hole" would just have taken a little time to properly train this poor animal he/she would have learned. This nut case decided to put his effort into being "The Man" and killed this innocent soul. Way to go Mr. Policeman! I can tell you for sure you should not keep your job to "To serve and Protect". I can just imagine what your temper would do to a child that acted inappropriately. Would you strangle the kid or pull your weapon and shoot him? Your supervisor and your city should fire you and insure you're unemployable even as a meter maid. (my apology for using maid. It was not my intention to be politically incorrect) It suits this person though. If I were his girlfriend I would run as far and fast as I could. She should be fearing for her life! WOW, this is nit wit is so unbelievable!

    • TonytIiger

      One last thought. Please someone, anyone show me the petition to have this "policeman" removed from his position because I will sign it ASAP!
      Sorry for any typos. I'm just so worked up and appalled. Really? An actual policeman did this? Really? Maybe they should go as far as castration! Seems harsh but can you just imagine him having to change a diaper? Or how he'd react to a toddler wetting a bed? Really?!?!

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