The letters “YOLO” stolen from University sign in New Orleans

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Vanessa Bolano, New Orleans (WGNO) — Call it Mardi Gras mischief or plain old theft. Someone stole four letters from Loyola University’s sign on Saint Charles Avenue. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano reports on the significance of what’s missing.
It may be wet and raining, but some are braving the elements just to see this for themselves.
LSU student Ariel Hulin says, “I thought this was fake, so I wanted to come see it for real.”
All day today residents and students have been stopping at Loyola University to catch a glimpse of their now crippled iconic sign.
Loyola student Kaylee Hales says, “The other day it was Y-O-L-A, and then I came back, and it was just L-A.”
School officials say on Sunday morning campus police noticed two letters missing, and by Tuesday two more were gone. They say whoever did this chiseled away at them one by one.
Shakari Fraser says, “I saw it on Facebook, and I wanted to see if it was true. I grew up here, so I’m so used to seeing the letters, and it’s just amazing that somebody pulled this prank off.”
Pictures of the damage have been making waves throughout the web world. Loyola calls it a case of Mardi Gras vandalism. Others say it’s no coincidence. They say by now the missing letters have probably been rearranged  into popular motto “Y-O-L-O.”
“You only live once. Drake,” explains Hulin.
West Bank resident Landry Forges says, “You can chisel it off and just hang it up in your room.”
“It’s a good trophy to have, I guess,” says Hales.
West Bank resident Eric Hoss says, “A lot of people like to have fun down here, so no telling what their ambitions were.”
“I feel bad for Loyola though. I wonder how long it’s going to take to take for them to repair it,” says Fraser.
University officials plan to have the sign fixed sometime Wednesday.