Lancaster County man gives homeless man the coat off of his back

A Lancaster county man noticed a young homeless man on a bitter cold night. He gave him the spare change he had but decided that wasn’t enough.

After a day of work Eric Sola went to Sheetz to get dinner for his family. It`s there where he noticed a young homeless man buying a small coffee. Eric approached him and gave him the small amount of cash he had on him. But, after driving around the building he decided he wanted to do more. He turned around and  gave the young man the coat off his back.

“ I said is that the only jacket you have? And he said yes and put his head down. It tore my heart, this kid isn’t asking hey can you take me somewhere or can you give me a dollar? He didn`t ask for anything so I took my jacket off and said this will keep you warm,” says Sola

Eric says the young man thanked him and told him he just got back from serving in Afghanistan. He  hasn`t seen the man since but,  says the experience will always stay with him.