Gettysburg boutique hotel wows guests as it turns back the hands of time

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A Gettysburg man has a mission to preserve a building that once gave students an education.  From a school to now a hotel, the Federal Pointe Inn is in the heart of downtown Gettysburg.  The hotel’s named after the very point of the property on Chambersburg Street.  The 32nd PA Volunteers monument located here is federally owned.  Hence the name, Federal Pointe Inn.

Bob Teeter went to school here in the 1950’s.  Today he’s glad he can visit and reminisce.  Teeter says, “I think we all became concerned about what was going to happen with this building and it became a daycare center, then that closed and sat for time.  The whole town was thrilled when Pete and Liz Monahan took it over and done this wonderful restoration of it.”

Even the blackboards from the classroom are around in the pub area.  Owner, Pete Monahan says his vision was to mix the old with the new.

He says they, “Converted the classrooms into suites, so we have 19 different suites in different styles, we kept the original ceiling heights of 12 feet, we kept the wide halls where the kids once ran.”

As for Teeter, he knows where he’d like to stay.  “We’ll have to choose the classroom I’m going to sleep in!” says Teeter.

Monahan says Federal Pointe Inn is by far the best hotel he’s owned and managed.  He says that’s because he’s able to save a piece of Gettysburg and the old school building.

The hotel’s also been named a finalist for a top award (see below):

Federal Pointe Inn named finalist for top award

Accommodation up for “Hotel of the Year” from Choice Hotels International

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – February 18, 2014

The Federal Pointe Inn in Gettysburg, Pa., which opened its doors in 2012, has been named a finalist for the designation of “Hotel of the Year” by Choice Hotels International.

The accolade is awarded to the top three rated hotels in the United States within the upscale Ascend Hotel brand, of which the Federal Pointe Inn is a part.

The Federal Pointe Inn resides in a historic building that was once known as the Meade School. Built in 1896, it served as the borough high school until 1909, when it became an elementary school.

Current owners Peter and Liz Monahan carefully worked to preserve the building and its architectural integrity and charm as it was transformed into a hotel. However, guests to the hotel also enjoy the modern amenities expected in boutique hotel.

“The Federal Point Inn is one of Gettysburg’s most unique lodging experiences,” said Peter Monahan, owner and general manager of the inn. “It blends upscale comfort with local history.”

The Federal Pointe Inn has received other awards in the past, including the Platinum Award, the highest award presented to those hotels who receive exemplary feedback on guest relations, customer service, cleanliness and overall experience. In 2013, Peter Monahan also accepted the “Rookie of the Year” award from Choice Hotels Internationals during the Federal Pointe Inn’s first year of operation.

“The staff at the Federal Pointe Inn understands the full meaning of hospitality,” Monahan said. “These top awards reflect the attention to detail and quality of service provided to meet our guests’ expectations.”