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Talking to your children about the popular drug Heroin

Heroin has been in the headlines lately in Pennsylvania. The Attorney General recently warned of its prevalence across the state.

With the attention it’s getting in the headlines it’s no secret it’s easy for kids to get their hands on the drug. Which is why those at Drug Free PA say it ‘s crucial parents start having the conversation about heroin  now.

“ Parents have this idea that kids are going to submit to substances abuse and peer pressure and their kids don’t listen to them and it’s quite the contrary,” says Scott Serafini, Drug Free PA

Scott Serafini with Drug Free PA says it’s important for parents to be available  after school, and on the weekends.  Good times to get the conversation going are in the car, and at the dinner table.

“ Driving in the car is a great opportunity to bring up these difficult subjects because kids can’t get away and they don’t have to make eye contact,” says Serafini

He says to educate yourself both on the drug you want to discuss  and on what your children are interested in themselves.

“ Know the lingo,  the language they use in school. Be aware of their social media use, the music they’re listening to , there’s influence in all of those things, “ says Serafini

These things have all been shown to prevent children from picking up the drug in the first place.

Drug Free PA offers a free seminar for parents  who want to get a group together to get informed  called,” Straight Talk for Parents”. For more information on the seminar and other tips on how to talk to your children about substance abuse click here :



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